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Rathkeale Brass Band

Rathkeale Brass Band has a long tradition in Rathkeale dating back to its founding in 1882. While it experienced minor lapses over the years the band has largely operated for the full period since then.

In particular Rathkeale Brass Band has gone from strength to strength since the early 1980's with its membership peaking in 1993 at 51 members. The current membership is 36 full time members and 15 majorettes.

Over its long life time the band has contributed enormously to the community of Rathkeale. It provides training and recreation for its members, who benefit not only by developing their musical talents and skills, but also experience the discipline and character building qualities required to work as a team, to compete in open competition and also to meet public commitments. These are all real life experiences which are very relevant to the Band's young members as they progress and enter adult life.

Rathkeale Brass Band is a totally voluntary organisation who are providing an invaluable service and amenity for the youth of the local community and adding another dimension to the quality of life in Rathkeale.

Current Band Members

David Noonan
Tom O'Keeffe
Joe Dunleavey


Membership of the band is open to everybody from 11 years up and is also open to pupils from other parishes.


Band practise is on Monday evenings 8-9pm in the Band Room Colaiste na Trocaire.


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